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Girl with Ukelele

Ukulele Lessons

Uke Lessons & Classes For Kids, Teens & Adults
In Woodinville

 The perfect way to spark a love of music!
Ages 4 to adult

Once upon a time, there was a little kid named Timmy who loved to sing and dance.


But he wanted to learn how to play an instrument too. So his parents signed him up for ukulele classes at Jam Academy Music School.

Timmy's teacher was a funny young man named Mr. Nic.


Mr. Nic taught Timmy and the others all about the ukulele, from the different parts of the instrument to the basics of strumming and playing chords.

Timmy loved his ukulele lessons. He practiced every day, and he got really good.

He even started writing his own songs!

One day, his teacher told Timmy that he was ready to perform in front of an audience. Now, don't get me wrong. Timmy was nervous, but he was also excited. He knew that he had worked hard, and he was ready to show everyone what he could do.

When the day arrived Timmy took a deep breath and stepped out onto the stage. He looked at the audience and smiled. Then he started to play his ukulele.

The audience loved Timmy's music. They clapped and cheered as he finished playing. Timmy felt so happy. He had finally found his passion: playing the ukulele.


Doesn't this sound like a wonderful experience?

At Jam Academy we offer a discounted trial lesson and tuition is month to month so there is no long term commitment.

Sign up for your first ukulele lesson today!

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