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Guitar Lessons


Music Lessons & Classes For
Kids, Teens & Adults
In Woodinville

Okay, picture the scene.


It's a family affair and the house is filled with the smell of your favorite foods and folks you love when suddenly you think,

"Is that....

MY kid?

Playing Music In The Next Room?

Huh, it really is!


Where did this new confidence come from?"

Cute Girl

Hear That?

You find yourself thinking... "Oh my gosh - they're playing and singing along with some of their favorite songs! How cool is this, for them to be playing music for our family and friends right now. Where's my phone? I NEED to get this on video. Right. Now." - 


It turns out that it was more than just dinner.

Imagine this happening at your house! At Jam Academy we want to help you make this experience a reality for you.


The recipe is simple and it's easy for you to get started


Just combine:

- 1 Eager student

- 1 Tasty musical instrument

- 1 Sweet Jam Academy instructor

Combine the above ingredients. (Don't worry, we'll make sure they mix together well.)


Add a little love, a sprinkle of ambition and as much determination as you can gather up.

Then just sit back, wait and watch them start to rise.


You'll need to have patience though - Rock Stars don't all cook at the same speed.

Fill out the form below to learn more about our school's fun and immersive learning programs that are designed for making people smile :)

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