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Playing music alone in your house or garage is a great way to work on your technique and skillset but jamming with other musicians is when playing music  becomes REALLY FUN. Do you want to improve?


Did you know that players enjoy learning and improve much faster when placed into a band format. Jam Academy currently has four levels of bands to choose from.

  • "DEMO TAPE" level - Beginners welcome - Practice 2 times per month. NO PUBLIC PERFORMANCES

  • "EP" level - Advanced Beginner/Intermediate - Practice 2 times per month. IN HOUSE PERFORMANCES 2-4 Times/Yr

  • "LP" level - Intermediate/Advanced - Practice 3-4 times per month PERFORMANCES AT LOCAL VENUES/EVENTS 3-4 Times/Yr

  • "TOUR/ALL STAR" level - Advanced - Practice 3-4 times per month PERFORMANCES AT LOCAL VENUES/EVENTS 3-4 Times/Yr


Our student bands have played all over the the Seattle/Eastside area including Key Arena (twice!!), Hard Rock Cafe, Big Daddy's Bar & Grill, the Sound Check, Hordefest/Triple Horn Brewing Co., Celebrate Woodinville and many more.

Join us on Aug 8, 2021 for a free Rock Rally! This is when we get a bunch of students together to discuss their music interests and skill levels and if the student is ready a director places them in one of the groups.

Fun Facts:


1. JAM ACADEMY'S first ever bands  were born out of a desire to appear at Woodinville's annual parade. We selected three groups of individuals with a true passion for music to play songs on a flatbed trailer for all of Woodinville to see and enjoy.


2. Back then (it was 2008) we were still known as Spotlight Studios and our founder named the new rock band program "Jam Academy". The success of the program inspired him to completely rebrand as JAM ACADEMY MUSIC SCHOOL shortly thereafter.

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