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Rock Band Camps

Ages 8 & Up


Jam Academy Jr and our intro series camps are the perfect way to introduce your kids to playing music and musical instruments.


Throughout these camps kids will learn the basics of music and teamwork.


Your kids will have a blast and for some camps there is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY to get started.


Your son or daughter will have a great time playing the guitar, keyboards, drums or singing all while learning some basic music vocabulary and music reading skills.

Pick your camp day and time from the list and enroll your son or daughter today!

Jam Academy + campers should have experience on their instrument(s) and will have the option to try out other instruments throughout the camp.

What Will They Do?

A typical Jam Academy Jr. Camp day would include: learning the basics of guitar, drums, and keyboards; how to read and play notes and/or tablature; some improvisation; musical dynamics; musical terminology. Camps for younger kids may include arts & crafts and some light physical activity. There is final day rock concert for each band so bring on the sunglasses, hats and rockstar gear!

Jam Academy + campers (ages 12 and up) will benefit from prior experience with their instrument of choice. The majority of time in this camp is comprised of learning, practicing and at times, possibly recording material in preparation for a sweet rock show on the last day of the camp.


Songwriting & Production Basics (usually ages 12 and up) Attendees will have fun learning songwriting and production basics by deconstructing hit songs and recreating them with either some hilarious parodies. The goal is for students to create their own original compositions that they can share with friends, family and the rest of the world! We'll celebrate with a rad listening party and pizzas on the last day of camp.

What to bring?

-Rockin' Tots! - Each camper should bring a snack and a smile :)


-Jam Academy Junior - Each camper should bring a snack and a smile :) If they play an instrument you are welcome to bring it along as well.


-Jam Academy + -

Guitarists/Bassists bring your guitar, strap, tuner, cable and pedals if you use them.

Keyboard/pianists - We have a few instruments for you to use or you may bring your own.

Drummers - Bring sticks. We have cymbals and thrones for you to use or you may bring your own if desired.

Students may be asked to learn a song on a different instrument if needed.

-Songwriting/Production - You will need the following:

  • laptop and recording software. The following offer free versions or are quite affordable

    • Garageband

    • Soundtrap

    • Audacity

    • Reaper

  • An iPad with free GarageBand app pre-loaded works great

  • USB audio interface (helpful but optional)

  • If you don't have any of the above equipment just let us know. We are able to provide a limited number of devices.

  • Be sure to bring a lunch and snacks!


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