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Drummer in Concert


Jam Academy private lesson room
Red Drumset
Private Lesson Rooms


Our private lesson rooms are perfectly suited for one-on-one lessons. Each is equipped with either a desktop computer or other audio equipment to playback music from a CD or IDevice. All practice rooms are cleaned daily to ensure tidiness.

Jam Academy Multi Purpose Rooms


Our multi purpose rooms provide a larger amount of space for musicians to work in. Drums and all kinds of group lessons are generally taught in these rooms. The multi purpose rooms can accommodate multiple players.

Beginners ROCK! Guitar Class
Blues Jam
The "Small Hall"



The Small Hall is a 675 sq ft multipurpose area with a small stage. Because of it's size it is perfect for group classes and jam sessions and our favorite, student showcases!


The Small Hall may also available for any of the following:



  • * Recitals

  • * Dress rehearsals

  • * Clinics

  • * Performances

  • * Birthday Parties​

  • * Children's music and movement classes

  • And More!

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