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Learn To Play Music With Friends In Woodinville

Discover the joy of music with our exciting classes

for kids of all ages, from 4 to 12+

From ukuleles to pianos and guitars, our small, friendly classes make learning fun and interactive. Join us for musical adventures that bring friends together, reinforce learning, and create lifelong memories!

Discover why kids and parents are falling in love with Buddy Lessons! 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Learning music is a blast when you've got a buddy by your side. 🎶👫

With 2-3 kids per 30-minute class, it's the perfect recipe for musical success! 🚀👦👧👦

What's the secret sauce? Learning and playing at home with friends reinforces the material like no other! 🏡👬

Join us today and either learn with your buddy or make a friend while making beautiful music together! 🎵🤗

Online Guitar Class

Ready to rock out with some beginner guitar magic? 🤘🎶

Introducing "Beginners Rock Guitar" – where beginners meet pure guitar fun in our weekly, hour-long classes! 🎸🌟

Our beginner classes kick off regularly, ensuring your child's musical journey starts on the right note. 🚀👦👧

With a small group of 3-5 kids per class, your young rockstars get the attention they deserve. 🎵👫

We've got options for ages 7-11 and 12+, so there's something for every budding guitarist! 🎶👦👩‍🎤

Don't let your child miss out on this incredible musical adventure. Enroll now and let the rock 'n' roll begin! 🎸🚀

Unlock a world of musical magic with our "Little Keynotes" (age 4-5) and "Storytellers" (age 6+) piano classes! 🌟🎶

These classes are not just fun; they're super cute and perfect for your little maestros! 🎵👦👧

With a cozy class size of 4-8 students, your child will thrive while learning the piano. 🎹👫

And guess what? Kids adore our workbooks and, of course, the exciting games! It's music education, playtime-style! 🎮🎼

Join us today, and let your kids make music and friends while creating beautiful melodies! 🚀🎶

Little Kids Singing

Introducing our "Rockapella" classes – where learning to sing is an absolute joyride! 🌟🎤

In these lively sessions, your little superstar will not only discover the basics of singing but also belt out their favorite tunes from the biggest artists and blockbuster movies. 🎤🌟

With small, friendly groups, they'll harmonize with their pals and uncover their inner diva or rockstar! 🎵👫

Don't let this musical adventure slip away. Enroll your child now, and let the melodic magic begin! 🚀🎶

Looking for an epic way to kickstart your child's drumming journey?


We've got the groove you've been searching for!

At Jam Academy, we make learning the drums an absolute blast. 🎵💥

With classes tailored for kids aged 5-8, 9-12, and teens, we've got the perfect beat for every age group. 🥁👧👦👩‍🎤

Don't miss out on the rhythmic adventure of a lifetime! Enroll your child today and watch their musical passion soar. 🚀🎶

Paul Playing Drums
Girl with Ukelele

Ready to rock with the coolest strings in town? 🎸🤘

Check out our "Uke Can Rock" Ukulele classes, perfect for kids aged 7-11 and 12+. 🎵👦👧


Why choose the ukulele? It's small, budget-friendly, and the best part – it's an absolute blast to strum! 🌟🎶


With classes limited to 4-8 kids, it's the ideal way to kickstart your child's musical journey. 🎸👫

Plus, it's the fast track to conquering other stringed instruments like guitar, bass, banjo, and beyond! 🚀🎸


Don't miss out on the harmonious adventure. Sign up today, and let the uke-fueled rock 'n' roll begin! 🤟🎵

"Music is the universal language of mankind." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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