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Each year Jam Academy offers a variety of fun and engaging music related summer camps at our facility in Woodinville. Our camps are fun and filled with return campers year after year. We offer our camps at different times of year, generally during school breaks. Here is this year's assortment of summer camps for you to choose from. 

Write a Smash Hit!

Bring a sack lunch for this one because you're not going to want to quit!

The "Hit Factory" is a one-week songwriting/recording summer camp where students will learn songwriting and producing basics. Topics such as rhyme scheme, contrast, and developing a hook will all be covered. Our directors will sing or play instruments on your track(s) if you like, or you can do it all on your own.


This course is designed to run on a Macintosh computer (or iPad) loaded with current Garage Band software. JAMS may be able to provide a limited number of computers. 



Example Songs:






5 Day Camp - Dates

June 27 - 11AM-2PM

August 15 - 11AM-2PM


Ages 10 -15


Nothing But Riffs!

Move forward on the guitar with this fun technique driven, crash course summer camp in rock guitar. Some prior guitar experience is required. Must be able to read TAB and have a working knowledge of open chords and power chords.


Techniques discussed include:

  • Rests - Use of space to create contrast

  • Palm Muting - Various examples of muting for musical accents and syncopation

  • Octaves - Learn examples of specific uses for the octave shapes

  • Drop D Tuning - Alternate tunings can be very useful. Learn how.

  • Bends - Examples of bends in famous riffs

  • Plus an invaluable, daily Q&A session with the instructor







Aug 22 - 10AM - NOON


Ages 9 & up


Rockstars Wanted!

While attending Jam Academy rock band camp, kids get to experience the thrill of playing in a rock band – with no experience necessary. They’ll be introduced to a few rock instruments, including guitar, bass, and drums, plus do some singing and learn some music basics. Aside from just having a ton of fun, your son or daughter will learn about instrument basics, dynamics, rhythm Basics, performance skills & band etiquette. They’ll cap off a great week of camp with a live gig on the Jam Academy stage.



5 Day Camp - Dates

 July 25 - 10AM-12PM

August 22 - 10AM-12PM



Ages 9 & up

Uke Can Rock



This awesome singing and strumming camp will keep your little Uke Rockin' all Summer long! Runs during the week of July 18. Sign up before May 31st to take advantage of our 10% Early Bird discount! Click to enroll now!

Now Enrolling!









5-day camp - Mon - Thurs

July 18 - 12PM - 1:30PM



Ages 7-11

Jam Academy Rock Band Camp


Uke Can Rock

"Is He The Man?"  - Levi "Axl"

"Turn My Life Around"  - Sean W

Girls rock!


Rockstars Wanted!

This exciting new class is in the format of our Jam Academy rock band camp, but taught by girls, for girls! With no experience necessary, kids are introduced to rock instruments and get to experience being in a rock band for one week.
Aside from having unimaginable amounts of fun, your daughter will learn about instrument basics, dynamics, basic rhythms, performing, and teamwork to make their band great. The week-long camp culminates in a live gig on-stage in front of friends and family. 

July 25-29 - 10AM-12PM

August 22-26 - 10AM-12PM



Ages 9 & up



Beginners rock!


                       Beginners Only!

Beginners Rock is a fun, five-day crash course in guitar designed specifically for the brand new player. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to learn to play songs on the guitar.


Join us to learn some basic guitar and general music fundamentals.
You'll learn to play fun contemporary songs like "Radioactive", "Seven Nation Army", Eleanor Rigby and more!




5 Day Camp - Dates

 July 11-15 - 12PM - 2PM



Ages 9 & up

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